Rosa Parks raised awareness of the need for racial equality on the Montgomery Bus system in Alabama. Her well known act of public disobedience is been widely publicised (see Rosa Park: How I fought for Civil Rights). The question we shall be looking at today is not one of the color of our skin but of the weight and size of our bodies.

Whether a black, white, brown, yellow or red, man, woman or child sits next to you on a bus really makes very little difference. But if a 300 pound behemoth sits down next to you, they could really begin to encroach on your personal space. So while it’s right that in a civilized society, we do not discriminate against people based upon the color of their skin. Should there be any special treatment for people who weigh too much?

Rather than ridiculing those who are obese, it is a genuine matter of concern. If every single passenger on an international flight was obese, that would add thousands of pounds to the overall weight of the plane. If airlines charge for excess baggage, which they do, should they also charge for excess body weight?

These are serious issues and in Western society are in this day and age, very serious. More children than ever are now obese. As people get older, middle aged spread is an accepted part of grown older. Things do not have to be this way however. Simply by eating the right kinds of foods, we can easily improve our own health as well as effectively manage our weight.

picture to make people think about what they eat

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One Comment on “The Plight of the Overweight”

  1. Tracy says:

    I don’t think it’s right to attack people if they have a weight problem, it’s not always their fault.